Harmony was established in 1998.

A passion that began with a simple bar of natural oatmeal soap, created at my kitchen counter with a desire to soothe the eczema that plagued my daughter.
The eczema disappeared and the business grew.

Harmony has blossomed into a lifestyle shopping experience and a sought out Niagara destination.

Walking into Harmony is a breath of fresh air. Harmony is delightful, irresistible, and highly addictive. A pleasing combination of elements for body, home, and baby. Inspired daily by our beautiful surroundings and nature’s offerings, we create quality bath products by hand on site. Harmony is proud to support the talents of many Canadian entrepreneurs.

The Harmony family work diligently to create an everyday getaway where indulging in life exists harmoniously with respecting it.

A visit to Harmony on West and we promise you will rejuvenate your senses.


Founder - Bonnies Beres (left) & Owner - Jenn Roach (right)