Bar Soap - Coconut Loofah

Harmony On West


Calling all coconut lovers! This delicious scent is good enough to eat (but don't!) A creamy coconut blend with a bonus loofah for glowing skin that smells like a dream on the beach. Yummmmm!

Scrub and Suds Combo - We slice natural loofahs like they are big baguettes and stuff those babies into molds where they get filled to the brim! Just like a sponge, the loofah sops up loads of liquid soap so trust me... this bar goes on forever! Great for exfoliating and even better for extra dirty parts!

Harmony bars of soap are crafted on site with quality ingredients. Loads of creamy lather, easy on the most sensitive skin and long lasting with a beautiful scent until finish. 

150 grams | Colours may vary

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